June 7th - 9th, 2019 | ORANGE COUNTY, CA
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Each one of us is living the best life we know how, and following a path to what we would call success and happiness. The problem is each person has a different road map, and many are faulty.

We are going to discover the hidden road maps each of us has that leads us either to success, or frustration.

You will learn what makes human nature really tick, and even dive into how we each create our own subjective reality.

Welcome to day 1...


We will look into specific habits, actions, thoughts, and emotions that need to shift, and why these sometimes seem so difficult to change.

Patterns we have learned early on in life can be running the show today. Using the breakthrough technology of NLP, you will shift those patterns and make real and lasting change in life.

Breakthrough happens in a moment, and now we get to choose the moment.

Onward, it's day 2...


How would it feel to wake up each morning with excitement about your future? Now is the time that we stop looking to the past for what created us and begin to look to the future for who we are becoming.

We will uncover our current goal strategy and render a new one. Once we finish with the past, we look to the future.

One worth getting out of bed for. One worth working hard for. One worthy of your legacy. 

All this and more on Day 3...

Is It Possible?

Imagine sitting across from a client, talking to them on the phone, or stepping on stage in front of a group and never having to “convince” them to work with you. Imagine they come nearly begging to get some of your time and want to pay you well for it. It’s very possible, and I should know… 

I struggled for a few years “trying” to be a coach while working in the real estate business. I knew how to make money in real estate, but I was getting more and more tired of doing work I wasn’t passionate about. I had always wanted to do work that helped change lives, made a contribution to the world, but I never thought I would be able to get paid to do that.

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My Story...

In fact, the first year I stepped out as a coach, I made a whopping $900… Clearly I couldn’t do this for a living since that wouldn’t even pay my rent for a month, let alone for a year! I looked for clients everywhere, and found 3. (Two of them were free, and one paid the $900) And that client got her money’s worth! I must have ended up working for about $3.83 an hour by the time I was done! Then I figured, “I need some trainings and certifications! (Sound familiar?) So I took NLP trainings, Speaker trainings, and Life Coach trainings. Now I was ready! Credentialed! Unstoppable! And not one client in sight…

Then Everything Shifted Overnight I figured out how to position myself as a leader in the field of NLP.

$50,000 in just 5 Weeks!
John Barrett Hawkins
Pinnacle Member, Youth Speaker, and Online Marketing Coach


"Matt was the tipping point for my speaking and consulting. I did $50,000 in sales in the first 5 weeks of a new venture, and $700,000 in sales since being a Pinnacle. Matt also helped me secure 15 schools on implementing our after-school literacy program. Matt is the best!"
$1,000,000 in Capital!
Nathan Doctor
Pinnacle Member and
Co-Founder of Code Wars


"After taking Matt's programs, we raised $250,000 in capital for our start up company Codewars.  Since then we have turned down an acquisition offer from a multi-billion dollar public company, we are now raising an additional $750,000 of capital, and our company is currently valued at $6,000,000."
My Breakthrough

I took an advanced business training. Shortly after I made this shift, (27 days after to be exact) I shared my gift and my message, and made $58,000 in one hour speaking. MY FIRST TIME OUT! Since then I have run courses all over the world in places like Australia, New Zealand, and even Fiji. In the process, changing thousands of lives, educating people, and making a great living for me and my family. I remember when I finally exceeded making $100,000 in one month, then finally making $100,000 in one day doing what I was most passionate about. 

It blew my mind! If I could create and run a business in the personal development industry, AND sustain it for several years, you can too.

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Sold $139,790 From Stage!
Kathy Clark
Pinnacle Member and
Marketing Coach


"After working with Matt on NLP and public speaking in our business, we were able to speak at Glazer-Kennedy's Info Summit with 1000 attendees. We didn't even have a package to sell before, but we put one together and sold 70 units (at $1997 each.) We sold the largest number of units at the event of 23 speakers. We know our work with Matt was what made the difference!"
Best. Training. Ever.
Alexis Jones
Pinnacle Member - Red Carpet Host, Finalist on Survivor, MTV Personality


"This is going to BLOW YOUR MIND! I hosted a tv show on the red carpet for 3 years, I was on Survivor, and working on a new show now, I thought that I had it all, that I could be awesome up on stage. After this workshop I was totally transformed. I think I cried every day, and I'm so grateful for who I get to be moving forward!"

As someone who wants the most out of life, we can often feel like we are doing it alone. Without an empowering peer group to surround ourselves with, we can fall victim to the whims of the world. There is so much power in being around other dreamers, creators, and achievers in the same room.

Our Evolution community is well known as stimulating and challenging; yet collaborative and totally supportive! 

Come experience it.


Matt Brauning has seen thousands and thousands of people, and their patterns over the years. As a mentor, he can show you the way to success. It's time to enjoy the ups, and skip the downs in life!

From Matt, you will learn all about the art of breakthrough and how to create success habits in life.

Join us at Excelerate, and get the blueprints for success. Today can be the day that real change happens. Are you ready?


In getting results in our life, nothing is more important than ACTION. The best in the world are always coached to success, and never do it on their own...

At Excelerate, you will get access to our team of coaches and expert trainers throughout the entire 3 days to maximize your goals and new habits.

Landed a Role in a New Marvel Movie!
Jona Xiao
Pinnacle Member, Actor and Former Miss California Finalist 


"Within months of taking Matt's program, I tripled my income and have since expanded my tv/film career acting on shows like BONES, 2 BROKE GIRLS, TROPHY WIFE, and several other shows on networks like ABC, FOX, WB, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and more. Plus I just landed a role in a new Marvel movie!"
7 Workshops and 50 Clients!
Dr. James Key
Pinnacle Elite Member


After joining Pinnacle Elite with Matt, I put on, and sold out my first 3 workshops. I have now done 7 workshops, generated over 6 figures in sales, and have 50 high-paying clients. Thank you.
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